About Us

Mahligai Asmara, a service of Wedding & Romance Pte Ltd, specialises in the planning and coordination of Malay weddings in Singapore.

We offer our clients several level of services which include wedding day management, partial wedding planning and coordination, or producing and executing the entire wedding event. No matter which service you select, we will do our best to ensure that you have a fabulous wedding event.

Our mission is to understand our clients wedding vision and introduce creative and modern ideas, yet uphold the Malay traditions.

Our Team

Wedding Specialist

Has responsibility for overseeing the planning, budgeting and coordinating all the aspects of the event. Work closely with the couples, from the initial consultation through the planning stages and till the completion of the event, where every detail is given special and personalised attention. Oversee the overall design and concept of the event to ensure that the theme and concept of the event is followed through.

Planner Assistant

Has responsibility to assist the Wedding Specialist with logistic and operational aspects of the event. Works closely with vendors and coordinate the set-ups prior to the actual day event, ensuring that every detailed aspect is not missed.